Mayan Industrial & Manufacturing Co Fire-Fighting Vehicles

Fire-Fighting Vehicles Mayan Suitable for fire

Fire-Fighting Vehicles

  • Chassis


    Wheelbase: 4300 mm

    Total weight: 19000 kg

    Suspension: front axle with leaf springs, rear axle with air suspension

    Tire: 315/80 R22.5

    Fuel tank: Aluminum tank 200 l

  • Engine


    Engine: SCANIA R-5 cylinder, EURO 4

    Output: 310 HP @ 1.900 1/min

    1.550 Nm @ 1.100 – 1.350 1/min

  • Transmission


    SCANIA GRS 905, 8 speed synchromesh

  • Cab


    Single seats for driver and one co-driver in front
    Seat bench for 4 persons in rear

    Hight crew cab

    Air conditioning system for crew cab

    4 red safety belts

    Enough space to add other equipment

  • Equipment locker superstructure


    Ziegler-ALPAS equipment locker with light structural profiles

    No joints with welding, aluminium elemnts are joined with screws and nuts

    7 Roller shutters rear door

    Equipment locker between front and rear axle with minimum distance from ground

    Equipment locker space on water and foam tanks sides

    The lower part of the equipment lockers is shut in this

    Roller shutters of equipment lockers are shut automatically.

    Heavy equipment are easily taken out.

  • Fire-fighting pump


    1-stage centrifugal fire pump FPN 10-3.000-1H

    Nominal output: 3000 l/min @ 10 bar

  • Foam mixing system ZPV 200


    Priming unit: Automatic priming system ZIEGLER – TROKOMAT

    Drive: by the vehicle engine via a joint shaft line from the PTO of the vehicle

    Foam mixing system ZPV 200

    Automatic mixing system

    Maximum proportioning rate of foam concentrate: approx. 200 l/min

    Foam concentrate: maximum up to 6 %

  • Roof monitor


    Output: Adjustable 0 - 3.000 l/min at 8 bar, with 200 liter steps

    Adjustment and swivel range: horizontally infinitely 360 degrees
    vertically -15 degrees until +90 degrees

  • Others


    Ambiance lighting on each side of the truck

    Battery charger, 230 V

    Pressure control unit TOURMAT

    New beacons

    Reverse camera system

    Manhole cover

    Roof ladder and ascending ladder

  • Foam/Water Tank


    Water Capacity: approx. 4000 l

    Foam Capacity: approx. 400 l

    Material: GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic)

  • +

    Total length: 8100

    Total width: 2500

    Total height: 3500

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